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My name is Thomas McGovern, MBA, CVA and I started this venture to help business owners like you release the receive the highest possible price for their business and sell it as quickly as possible.  I have been a business owner for most of my life and many times I felt trapped in some of the businesses I created.  I wanted to do something else, I wanted to move, I wanted to be free but I had so much invested in my business, so much of my profit was in the inventory, the equipment and the good will.

To solve this problem I became a business broker and have since learned how to create a market for these businesses so that the owners could cash out and receive high multiples for their businesses.

Owner should prepare in advance if they want to succeed as such I provide counseling for exit planning and have created a sales system that get you ready for the sale of your business

“Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought” Sun Tzu- “The Art of War” written 512 B.C.

Whether you’re looking to sell now or planning for a future exit


Advantage Brokerage, Inc. located in New York City, NYC, Jamaica Queens Tel 929 366 0211, specializes in the sale of small main street type businesses.  The types of business sales we specialize in are as follows:


Convenience Stores




Auto repair businesses

Auto body shops

Liquor Stores

99 Cent Stores

Tax Preparation offices


Gas Stations


Advantage Brokerage, Inc. has been open for over 13 years.  It was founded in 2003.  Thomas McGovern, MBA, CVA is the founder and managing broker of the firm.

He in addition to being a broker, he is also a business appraiser; (CVA) Certified  Valuation Analyst, credentialed by the National Association of Valuators and Analysts ( NACVA).

He will inspect and provide  counseling for all matters concerning the purchase or sale of a business.

Call (929) 366-0211 for a free consultation about any matters in regard to the buying or selling of a small business.